Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dad and Barb's new garden tractor

Today's post is a pictoral story of the delivery of Dad's new lawn tractor. Tom helped and Dad made sure Barb fit the seat before they were done.

Monday, July 7, 2014

First Rough Night

On Friday night, as she was lying to bed, Wilson-1 (7 yr old girl) realized had an itchy, red spot under her arm. She got out of bed and came to ask Mommy to put something on it to stop the itch. Mommy was in the bathroom trying to go potty and get ready for bed. W-1 came out to Grandma to ask the name of the medicine she had put on her bug bites the week before. I told her I couldn't remember the whole name, but it was Cal-a something. W-1 returned to the bathroom. Mommy had gotten a different medicine from the cabinet and was prepared to put it on her. W-1 started yelling at Mommy that it was the wrong medicine. Mommy had had enough at that point and told W-1 that she could just go to bed as she was. W-1 started crying and went upstairs to bed. About 10 minutes later Grandma (me) could still hear her crying and wanted to go get the lotion and put some on her. I had to resist. It was hard to not step in and calm her down.

The next morning, Grandma had a little talk with W-1that went something like this:
Me: Does Mommy love you and take good care of you?
W-1: Yes.
Me: Can Mommy read?
W-1: Yes.
Me: Might Grandma have more than one medicine in the cupboard that would work for your itchy spot?
W-1: Yes.
Me: You need to listen to Mommy and trust her. Don't argue with her her and back talk when she tells you things, okay?
W-1: (sheepishly) Yes.

Hard lesson for both W-1 and Grandma. W-1 needs to not argue with Mommy and Grandma has to stay out of issues between Mommy and Ws 1 through 5. Mommy knows what she is doing and will ask for help if she needs it.

That's all from Wilson's Valley for now.