Saturday, June 14, 2014

Maybe I will remember this time ...

People who lie think others lie also. I wish I could remember that.

I am an honest, truth-telling person. I don't feel the need to fabricate things or weave falsehoods. I am who I am and I don't make things up to try to change your opinion of me or change how you act toward me. I have messed up in my life many times. Some have been big mess ups, some small. If we are swapping stories, I will tell you about how I messed up. I own my mistakes. Some I would really like to change, I'll admit that to you too.

 I forget that others don't feel this way. I forget that to some people lying is a way of life. They are so used to making things up and hiding their actions or mistakes that they assume everyone else does the same thing. I am surprised when I see people cheating. I am startled when their version of what happened does not resemble the actual occurrence. I actually believe what people tell me. I know we all see different side of an issue or occurrence, I am not talking about that, I am talking about changing events to suit your need.

I am a HUGE optimist.  I always look for and see the best in people. I forget that not everyone feels the same way about being truthful as I do. When I look at someone, I see a basic, human goodness. There are very few people I do not see that way right from the beginning. Sometimes I think I see who someone is more than I see what they look like. This does not always serve me in good stead.

Maybe I will remember the next time that liars think I am a liar as well. Maybe I will question all the they tell me after I hear them lying to others. Maybe I will. No, I know I won't. I will give them the benefit of the doubt again. I will get hurt again when they think I have lied. I will realize again that not all people are honest and vow to never get caught trusting them again. 

But I will break that vow.
I will look for the best and trust.
That is who I am.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

We are about to embark on a new adventure. Our son D, daughter-in-law A, granddaughter A age 7, grandaughter M age 3, granddaughter C age 2, granddaughter X age 1 and granson R age 3 months will be moving in with us in about a month. We are excited for the chance to spend time with them, but know there will be challenges. I decided it is time to blog again and share some of our experiences.

So far this morning has been busy. X woke up at 6am. She was sleeping on an air mattress in our bedroom. She could not be persuaded to return to sleep after a diaper change so I kissed Tom and X and I grabbed Tippy the kitten, let the dogs out of their crates and came downstairs.

I put the dogs out as X climbed up into her highchair and talked and yodeled to me. We went to the liveing room and she sat in my lap as I caught up on Facebook. She got bored with that so she went to play. Of course, on the way, she had to wake up C who was sleeping on a mattress in the play area. R had been waking up, stretching and cooing in his bouncy seat as all of this was going on. The next thing I heard was the sound of A and M coming down the stairs. The gang was all awake.

I headed into the kitchen and started to make breakfast so I could get it into the oven. The girls played and watched me on the computer as it baked. Once it was ready, I got it out of the oven and onto everyone's plates so we were happily settled in eating. I had a bottle heating for R so as soon as I had eaten I sat down to feed him.

At about 8 am Tom got up. I have had a great day so far. Too bad it is spoiled by a few hours work.