Thursday, December 8, 2016

Our Thanksgiving

When Tom was at Urgent Care for an antibiotic for his bronchitis, we asked the locals where we should go eat. They suggested Gibby's at the marina. We went there for Thanksgiving dinner and boy was it a good choice! Very good food; wonderful, warm, and friendly staff; and water views. We were happy.
Here is my turkey dinner.

Tom's was the same except for ham instead of turkey.

Of course, we had pumpkin pie. It was mighty scrumptious on its bed of whipped cream.

The interior is a sports theme. The Gibby for whom the restaurant is named is from Pittsburgh.

Outside, mother nature was putting on a show with a glorious sky that was reflected in the water. We had a nice day.

Carolina Beach, NC and the Elusive Venus Fly Trap

The only place the Venus Fly Trap grows as a native species is within a 70 mile radius of Carolina Beach State Park in North Carolina. That fact was, of course, intriguing to Tom and I. We HAD to go on a little hike to see them. In fact, the park provides a Fly Trap Trail just for that purpose. Armed with the walking sticks that were lovingly made for us by William and Mary Lou Wilson, we set out one day to find and photograph them.

The sign said it was just a half mile trail. No problem! We didn't read too much more of this sign than that. We are both experienced science teachers. We knew we would spot the plant. We both had a mental picture of what it would look like. Off we went.

This was a piece of cake! We found a yellow pitcher plant at our second stop to look around. We were on it!
We really enjoyed the scenery about us as it was so different from home.

Wait a minute! That's the parking area on the other side of this swamp. We are almost back to the truck. Where were the Venus Fly Traps?

How had we missed it? We had both taken our time and scanned the area around the walkways carefully. Well, I'll tell you how we missed it. We were looking for something much larger than our quarry. A closer look at the guide sign told us it was a VERY small plant. Back to the trail we went to look again. We even decided we were going off the main trail to the side trails we had seen some people with a camera on.
After much wandering and searching, we finally found one!! (Did you catch that? We only found ONE plant.) Here are a couple of pictures of it with a penny beside it for scale.

We were triumphant. Later that evening, Tom did a little more research. It seems the plant that we found must be a little astray. We should have found it in another biome. Oh well, we found it. That was what mattered. It only took us an hour and a half. ;)

Fort Fisher!

Another of our stops while on Pleasure Island, was the historic site of Ft. Fisher. This place so intrigued us that we paid the little extra for a personally guided tour. We would like to thank Ray for his wonderful insights.

Ft. Fisher was very important during the Civil War. It kept a waterway open to Wilmington to keep supplies available to the Southern troops. Once the Federal troops captured the fort, it only took 3 months until Lee's surrender.

For those of you that would like more information, visit this website: Fort Fisher History . Or better yet, get in your car and go to Ft. Fisher in person. It is a wonderful place. I didn't get a lot of pictures because my camera battery needed to be recharged. I will add some from my phone to this post at a later date.

Some of the original sand mounds built by the Confederate soldiers still stand.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kure Beach, North Carolina

Our campground is just above a wonderful, quiet beach. We had a great time rambling on it and checking out the pier. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Here is a mermaid I fell in love with at Kate's Pancake House. Isn't she just a zoftig wonder?

Ahh the beach!

A neat pier

Cool birds!!

Actual seashells

A neat old-school motel.
Tom and I on the beach. Sorry for such a short entry, but it is 4:30pm and we need to get groceries and return to the campground by 6:00pm. They actually lock the gate.