Friday, November 25, 2016

Some shots in VA Beach

We had a great time during our two weeks in Virginia Beach. Here are some shots of scenery in the area and of the campground that we stayed in.

This is the canal that ran behind our site in the campground. Almost every site was canal or riverside.

This is the view of the canal across the road from our site. There is a very nice walking bridge that crosses it. The park was clean and well-maintained. We would stay there again. You can check them out here:

I had a ball watching the different birds, especially the heron that we saw each day. Listen to him "scold" me here:

I tried to feed these ducks some bread, but they had nothing to do with it.

I even found this "bird" fishing in the canal.

I tried for shots the night before the super moon, but only had my camera. We had cloud cover the actual night of the super moon.

The surf was quite high on the day we went to VA Beach. It didn't keep us from enjoying it or enjoying the Boardwalk.

Here is a video of the surf.

We met this neat guy on our way off the beach. He was pretty neat but a bit camera shy.

We even got to check something off my bucket list and have dinner and drinks at Waterman's. I have watched their beach cam for years. I gotta tell ya, their Orange Crush drink is just as yummy as they say. It was so refreshing. The seafood I had for dinner was excellent.
We even got to see some of the displays for McDonald's Holiday Lights on the Beach. On a previous trip we took the tour and drove on the Boardwalk with Ernie to see the lights. It was neat to be the people in the restaurant looking out at the cars driving by.

We were out riding around one day when Tom just kept turning on roads he thought went toward the bay. We eventually found one that dead-ended just as he had hoped. Daisy loved it.

The deer had been here, but we didn't get to see them.

So beautiful!

Downtown Pungo, VA. I think this building would make an awesome quilt shop.

Seafood shop in Pungo.

Flower bed at the campground.

Store and office of the campground.

Trees full of plush animals. You may have to click on this pic and enlarge it to see them.

Sorry, Aaliyah, I know it seems rude to drive on you. We didn't mean to.

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