Saturday, January 7, 2017

Bee's RV Resort and Clermont, FL

We had a great time during our stay from Dec. 6th to the 14th at Bee's RV Resort in Clermont, Florida. It is a very clean park that is full of friendly people. I even got to spend some time sewing with some nice ladies.

One of the highlights of this stay was Tom getting to visit with his cousin, Frances. It was nice for them to reconnect. I enjoyed their recollections of things they remembered from their childhood

Since we were here for my birthday, Tom took me to Lakeridge Winery on the 7th. It was really neat. This place had you start with a video and then a tour before you did your tasting. That helped them control the flow of people. The video was great. It not only showed you the history of the winery and the family who makes the wine, it showed how the wine was made.

The video viewing room. It was like a church for wine.

That is a big tank.


Beautiful view of the vineyard down to the lake.

Vats ready to go

Bottling line

Upstairs event room

Tasting bar

Tom and I with my new friends who helped celebrate my birthday.

The Citrus Tower in Clermont.

 They had the tower lit for evening viewing I got to tape it from the Publix parking lot. Our main reason to got to Publix was for Tom to get me a gluten-free, chocolate cake for my birthday. He did and it was delicious! I especially enjoyed the ganache.

One of our days out was spent with Frances. We had a good time exploring "downtown" Winter Garden. We went to a railroad museum, the visitor center, and a Heritage museum.

Tom and Frances

Tom and I

Railroad Museum all decked out for Christmas. This was on Dec. 10th.

One of the large, beautiful trees downtown.

The Railroad Museum was jam-packed with items.

This cabinet was really neat.

There was so much to look at that I know I didn't see it all.

The china and silver services really caught my attention. #dishlover

This clock pagoda was put in to help revitalize the downtown. A set of rail tracks used to run down the middle of the street. Sound familiar Clearfield people?

Tom inside the caboose in front of the Winter Garden Heritage Association.

Window in the Heritage Museum

This looks very familiar

Reproduction of an orange orchard.

Neat history of the Pounds Motor Company.

Citrus fruit crate labels

They were really in the holiday spirit.

Santa came to the campground to lead the decorated golf cart parade.

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