Monday, August 27, 2012

Free Head Bands

So now that I am maturing a bit (getting old) and starting a new chapter of my life (gosh I'm almost 50!); I find that I perspire a bit more (sweat like a horse) as I work around the house. The dripping perspiration is an annoyance and can sting as it get in my eyes. Well, this morning I figured out a way to combat this without buying a bandana.

Last week, I recycled some of Tom's t-shirts into reusable tote bags. This required me to cut the necks and sleeves off the shirts. I couldn't just throw them away, now could I? The sleeves will be used as cleaning cloths, but the neck pieces did seem to be the right shape and size for that. There are nice flaps of fabric on each side of the crew neck area. I found that rolling those flaps around the neck part makes a nice, soft and most importantly, absorbent head band. It is also loose enough, that the headband does not squeeze too tightly and give me a headache.

Ahh, such a domestic goddess, I am. *lol* -
* I did add small hems around the openings.

I am off to work on the guest room some more. Take care all.

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